Rigi (links), Menzberg, Pilatus. Foto/Photo: TES.

The Rigi, Pilatus and Willisauer Ringli

Willisau’s cultural and historical background is not the only reason to start with a city walk (see Swiss Spectator 11 November, Willisau, Local History). The Willisauer Ringli is a must when visiting Willisau.

This small biscuit with a diameter of 3 cm went through 55 years of legal proceedings (1920-1977) before the courts ruled that the biscuits based on the Willisauer recipe could only be produced in this city.

Around 1860, the first Willisauer Ringli were baked in Willisau at the Ursprungshaus in the old town. Due to their great success, they were soon baked all over Switzerland, much to the dismay of the Willisauer bakers and their (supposed) secret recipe.

After the Willisauer Ringli, the hike follows the route of the chapels and crosses of the Catholic canton through beautiful valleys, forests, and mountain peaks (up to 1016 metres), past large and well-kept farmsteads.

At the trail’s end, the Rigi and the snowy Pilatus loom up, with the old health resort Menzberg in the valley. The Kurhaus (today, the Landgasthof Hotel Menzberg) opened its doors in 1834.

Not only the pure air but also the purifying effect of the view of the Rigi and the

Pilatus made Menzberg a well-known health resort at the time.

The Swiss Alpine Club (Schweizer Alpen Club, SAC/Club Alpin Suisse, CAS) regularly organises hiking trips in this area (and elsewhere).

(Source and further information: www.sac-cas.ch).