Julierturm. Photo/foto:

Rachmaninov´s all night vigil

Sergey Rachmaninov (1873-1943) grew up on his parents’ estate in Novgorod. The beautiful orthodox liturgy, which is almost entirely sung, has influenced him already in his early years. In his All night vigil, which premiered in Moscow in 1915, he reflects childhood memories and Russian tradition and composes a work of incredible beauty. A few years after the premiere, however, Rachmaninov had to leave Russia. The Origen Vocal Ensemble, conducted by Clau Scherrer, performs the All night vigil in the Julierturm on the Julierpass (2284 m.), the bare landscape becomes a symbol for a concert evening about impermanence, death, and resurrection. Origen concludes this way the winter season and Russian cycle of the past year. Performances will take place on 4,5,13 and 14 April (Tickets and more information: