The Anne Frank Fonds

The Anne Frank Fonds was founded by Otto Frank (1889-1980) in January 1963. He was the only one of the eight people from the secret annex to survive the persecution of Jews during the Second World War.

Otto Frank designated the foundation as his universal heir and legal successor. With its headquarters in Basel, the foundation devotes itself to the global distribution and utilisation of the Diary of Anne Frank (1929-1945).

he Anne Frank Fonds is guided by the last will of its founder and the living tradition of the organisation. Otto Frank’s commitment was to a cosmopolitan society showing solidarity and without prejudice or marginalisation.

He particularly supported work relating to peace, young people and dialogue, and advocated the strengthening of human rights as well as opposing any form of discrimination, racism or anti-Semitism.

The Anne Frank Fonds uses the income from the Diary and its licences for charitable purposes, education, and scientific research.

City: Basel