Château de Prangins (Vaud). Photo, foto: TES.

Prangins Castle

The castle was built around 1730 by the Swiss banker Louis Guiguer (1675-1747).

Guiguer acquired not only the castle but also the title of baron of the Baronnie Prangins. The castle was sold to Joseph Bonaparte (1755-1830) in 1814, the expelled king of Naples and Spain. The castle served as a boarding school for boys from 1873-1920.

The American Josephine Dexter and her daughter Katherine McCormick (1875-1967), famous suffragettes and women’s rights activists, were the new owners in 1920. The family donated the castle to the American government in 1962.

The Swiss Confederation became the new owner in 1975 and the castle became the national museum in the French-speaking part of the country (The Romandie).

(Source: H. Bieri Thomson, Le château de Prangins, Bern 2015).