Juliano Nuñes, COR, Aufführung 2020. Foto: Fundaziun Origen, Riom.

Origen Summerfestival Creaziun

The programme of the annual summer festival of the Origen Foundation (Fundaziun Origen) in Riom (Canton of Grisons) revolves around creation and destruction, myth and evolution, paradise and the end of the world.

With 11 premieres and 132 events, Origen is venturing into a strong revival after the long pandemic silence.

The festival is dedicated to the power of creation: in myth, in art, in nature. The artists present their vision of creation and explore its meaning for the world to help humanity understand and live in harmony with a constantly evolving nature and environment.

The programme consists of dance recitals, concerts, musical theatre, Gregorian chant, exhibitions and cultural and historical events.

The programme starts on 1 July with “COR” by Juliano Nuñes (1990) and ends on 15 August with “Passengers” by Andrey Kaydanovskiy (1987).

The presale starts on 14 June.

(Source and more information: www.origen.ch).