Origen Foundation Riom

The Origen Foundation (Nova Fundaziun Origen) was established in December 2007 in the small Romansh village Riom (200 inhabitants) in Canton Graubünden. The village is better known for its emigration, than for its architecture and culture, but Origen means genesis, beginning or origin. The foundation fosters Romansh culture, theatre, innovation and architecture. The Foundation does not understand the Romansh region as an isolated alpine region.

One of the extraordinary accomplishments of the Foundation is the theatre on top of the Julierpass. The Julierpass has an eventful architectural, social and cultural history. The romans built a temple, a chapel for Sebastian was attested in the middle ages, hospices and defence constructions were built in medieval times and many pelgrims, troops, popes, emperors, kings, traders and others crossed the pass. The wooden Julier theatre combines nature, history and culture in a unique way and stands for the innovative spirit of the region. Further information: