Period IV

Mulegns, Die Weisse Villa/Posthotel Löwen. Bild/Photo: TES.

No mountain too high

Swiss people may not be able to move mountains, but they can build the largest railway-and road network and the longest tunnels through the mountains. The Gotthard base tunnel is a recent example.

Less well known, however, are other noteworthy projects at local level. The Fondation Origen ( is an example.

The Fondation, founded in Riom  has already realised various cultural-historical projects in this region.

The theatre on the Julier Pass (the Julierturm) is a well-known project. The project to preserve a villa in Mulegns is remarkable as well. Mulegns is a small village on the road that leads from Tiefencastel via the Julierpass to Oberengadin.

The village was a resting place for carriages, horses and their passengers until the appearance of the postauto and motorised vehicules.

The famous Posthotel Löwen is a reminder of this period. The traffic increased to such an extent that the road had to be widened and the monumental Villa demolished.

The Fondation Origin managed to raise millions to move the Villa.

The preparatory work is in full swing and this year the Villa will be removed to its new place. A Swiss Bottom-up project par excellence.