Local History

Het kasteel van Praz, rond 1550. Photo/Bild: www. chateaudepraz.ch

Praz, a village in the Romandie

Close to the Celtic settlement (oppidum) on Mont-Vully (canton of Freiburg) at Lake Morat (Murtensee or lac de Morat) lies the small village Praz.

This small village shares in the eventful history of the Romandie or French-speaking Switzerland. The Celtic settlement of Mont-Vully  (1 800-750 BC) is one of the remains of the tribe of the Helvetians.

This period was followed by the Roman period (15 B.C. – c. 400 A.D.), the invasions of the Alemanni, the first kingdom of Burgundy (c. 460- 534), the Frankish kings and emperors (534-843), the Kingdom of Lorraine (founded by the Treaty of Verdun in 843) and the (second) Burgundian Kingdom (888-1032).

Praz became part of the Holy Roman Empire under the Duke of Zähringe afterwards, followed by the rule of the House of Savoy until the conquest by Freiburg and Bern in 1476.

Praz became part of the canton of Freiburg in 1803 (a decision by Napolean, Mediationsakte).

In 1850 the municipalities of Sugiez, Nant, Praz and Chaumont merged into the municipality of Vully-le-Bas or Les Quatre villages de la Rivière.