Stamparia Strada. Photo/Foto: TES.

Art in Engadin

In Eastern Switzerland, in Engadin (canton of Graubunden) there is a large concentration of galleries, museums, and art performances in the open air. Traditionally, the main economic activity (from 4 500 c. Chr.) was agriculture and animal husbandry. Printing began in this agricultural area in the seventeenth century. The beautiful book printing museum (Buchdruckmuseum, Stamparia in Romansh) in Strada is a reminder of this activity. From 1689 to 1881 there was a printing house in this building.

Galleries and commissions for artists increased with the rise of tourism and spas from the second half of the nineteenth century, among others in the Grand-Hotels and town palaces of the local elite.

In the twentieth century, the Inn (En in the Romansh language) became a route along which many art institutions established themselves. From St. Moritz, Celerina, Samedan, Zuoz, Madulain, S-Chanf, Susch, Lavin, Guarda, Scuol to Tarasp a large number of art galleries and museums exist. If you are thirsty after this tour afterward, one can visit the Tschlin brewery with beer that is an art because of its quality.