Kaiserstuhl, Friedhofkapelle zu den Vierzehn Nothelfern. Foto: TES.

Cemetery Chapel Kaiserstuhl

The small town of Kaiserstuhl (Canton Aargau) is one of those surprisingly well-preserved medieval towns in Switzerland. Situated on the Rhine, it has a history of Celts, Romans, Alemanni, Franks, the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburgs, the domination by the Eidgenossen as an occupied or Untertanengebiet (1415-1798) and then merging into the Canton of Aargau.

One of the jewels is the small chapel (Friedhofkapelle zu den Vierzehn Nothelfern) from 1530 near the cemetery. It is a late Gothic polygonal building with a pointed arch window and an interior from the Baroque period.

This chapel is also the last resting place of two fathers from the Rheinau monastery in the Protestant canton of Zurich, which closed in 1862. The Fathers Ambrosius Widmer (1807-1874) and Basilius Maienfisch (1808-1881) were renowned art experts and scientists of their time.