S-charl, Nationalpark, Senda d'ours. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Bears of Lower Engadin

Padruot Fried shot the last bear in Switzerland in Val S-charl on 1 September 1904 in the area that was to become Switzerland’s National Park in 1914. The entry into Scuol with dead bear and Padruot at the head of the procession was a heroic reception. A photo still bears witness to this.

Bear hunters were true heroes in those days. One hundred years later, however, bears reappeared in this region of Lower Engadin (Unterengadin). The times for bear hunters are over and nowadays the attention is mainly focused on the (brown) bear’s lifestyle.

The Schmelzra museum in S-charl and the bear trail (Senda da l’ours in Romansh) bear witness to this development (More information: