Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio. Foto: Acc ademia di Architettura, Mendrisio.

Accademia di Architettura 25 years

The Accademia di Architettura, the Academy of Architecture, was founded in 1996 in Mendrisio, Canton of Ticino.

One of its founders was the architect Mario Botta (born in 1947). The starting point was to create an interdisciplinary centre of expertise with architecture at its core.

The Academy accommodates various disciplines, such as biology, philosophy, genetics and (applied) arts, a new synthesis of technical knowledge, human sciences, social sciences, practical skills and critical and historical thinking.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Academy will be celebrated with various events in and around the Academy in Mendrisio. The Academy hosts 800 students from 40 countries and is internationally renowned.

(Source and further information: www.arc.usi.ch).