Nature Park Schaffhausen

A total of 15 municipalities in the region of Schaffhausen (13 municipalities in the canton) and Germany (the two municipalities of Jestetten and Lottstetten) have joined forces in the Regional Nature Park of Schaffhausen (Der Regionale Naturpark Schaffhausen).

The hills, the extensive vineyards and agricultural areas, the forests, the typical villages and the Rhine give the region and the park a unique diversity. The park is the first cross-border natural park in Switzerland. The area is 209 m2 with 26,000 inhabitants in the park area. The highest point is 900 m above sea level.

The promotion of renewable energy and innovative ideas are translated into concrete projects.

For example, farmers are advised on the planning of solar power plants and the purification of biogas and woodchip plants; the Schaffhauser Haus is another example.

There are also many hiking and biking trails, such as the Rhine-Reberweg, the Reiatweg or the Täuferweg.

During the Reformation, the park was an important retreat for the community of Anabaptists, who were massively persecuted in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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