Muzeum Susch. Photo/foto: TES.

Muzeum Susch in the Alps

Situated within the walls of a former Benedictine monastery founded in 1157, close to the Flüela pass, the new Muzeum Susch, founded by Grażina Kulczyk, a polish entrepreneur and connoisseur of contemporary art, compromises two main buildings.

The old brewery (bieraria veglia in Romansh) is the oldest part, and the brewery (bieraria in Romansh) erected in the 19th century above a mountain water source, are connected by an underground passageway running underneath the street. The museum’s exhibition space, partly excavated into the mountain rock, shows a series of permanent site-specific installations, in particular by female artists.

The Museum is also a site of debate and research on art. The inaugural exhibition takes as its point of departure “A woman looking at men looking at women”, as one of the collection’s key strengths, its focus on women artists, to explore the notion of the feminine in its diverse facets: social, political and cultural.

The opening of the museum took place on 2 January 2019. (Source and further information: (