Surselva Regional Museum

The museum (Museum Regiunal Surselva) in Ilanz  (canton of Graubünden) shows the pre-industrial society of the region. The permanent exhibition in the historic Casa Carniec shows the area’s culture, history and life on seven floors and how the inhabitants organised their existence in the family and village community.

The museum building, the Case Carniec, was the oldest home of the noble Schmid von Grüneck family. The vaults in the basement and on the ground floor date back to the High Middle Ages. One room is decorated with Renaissance murals.

The exhibition includes 40 exhibits and themes of the villages and valleys in the Surselva. This area contains several language communities: the Romansh-speaking, the German-speaking and the Walser. Objects from almost all sixty villages are present in the museum.

The museum’s ceramics collection is available on the website of the Ceramica Foundation (Stiftung Ceramica).

Museum: Surselva Regional Museum
City: Ilanz
Country: Switzerland
Address: Städtlistrasse 10