Pharmacy museum Basel

The museum (Pharmazie-Historisches Museum) contains collections of old pharmaceuticals, pharmacy furniture, laboratory utensils, ceramics, instruments, books, art- and craftwork. The collection of obsolete remedies gives an overview of the changes and errors made in the field of medicine during the past and contains medicaments of mineral, herbal and animal origin as well as amulets and agents against the plague, instruments for measuring and comparing, the practical application of plants as a resource for medical science trace back to the great scholars of classical antiquity and arabic influences during the Middle Ages, Amulets and the history of pharmacy and of pottery, both closely linked. The most picturesque room in the museum – the gothic private chapel built in the 15th century – was converted into an alchemist’s laboratory and the pharmaceutical laboratory from 1800 are open to the public.

Museum: Pharmacy museum Basel
City: Basel
Country: Switzerland
Address: Totengässlein 3