Palaeontological and Zoological Museum

The museum (Paläontologische Museum Universität Zürich) displays one of the world’s most important collections of marine reptiles and fish from the Middle Triassic, some 235 to 245 million years ago. These and the exceptionally well-preserved and scientifically valuable fossils from Monte San Giorgio, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in southern Ticino, form the core of … Read more » “Palaeontological and Zoological Museum”

Hermann Haller Atelier

The studio of the sculptor Hermann Haller (1880-1950) offers an insight into his work.  

Botanical Garden Zurich

Approximately 7,000 different plant species from different climate zones are cultivated over an area of approximately 53,000 m2 .  

Patumbah Villa

Villa Patumbah, built in 1885, is a masterpiece of historicism. The centre illuminates the subject of building culture from various angles.