International Rhine Regulation and Rhesi in Widnau

Der Vorderrhein bei Versam-Valendas. Foto: TES.

The Rhine from the confluence of the Anterior Rhine (Vorderrhein) and Posterior Rhine (Hinterrhein) rivers near Reichenau in Tamins  (Grisons) to its confluence with Lake Constance is known as the Alpine Rhine or the longest torrent in Europe. The most devastating flood occurred in 1817. Other floods are recorded in 1888, 1927, 1954 and 1987 and, … Read more » “International Rhine Regulation and Rhesi in Widnau”

The Tunnels of the Gotthard

Affiche Ausstellung. Foto: Forum Schweizer Geschichte.

In the context of the opening of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel, the Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz is exhibiting from April 16th until October 2nd, 2016, about this gigantic construction project, the biggest yet in Switzerland. The two earlier Gotthard tunnel projects – the railway tunnel and later the road tunnel – were … Read more » “The Tunnels of the Gotthard”