The Model of Biel

Biel, Bienne, Bienna. Photo/Foto: TES.

The city of Biel/Bienne is a bilingual city. French and German have the same status. A study on bilingualism in Biel/Bienne and Freiburg/Fribourg praised the coexistence of the two languages as exemplary. The report described Biel/Bienne as more than just a “miniature Switzerland”. The city is praised as a role model for the country. The language … Read more » “The Model of Biel”

The Alpine Convention

Canton of Fribourg, member of the Federation since 1848. Photo: TES.

The formation of political unities in Europe can be described as a process of concentration. At the beginning of early modern times, around 1500, there were about two hundred independent states on the continent, shortly before 1900, there were only thirty. The increasing size of state territories is reflected in their declining numbers. In the … Read more » “The Alpine Convention”

International Regulation of the Rhine

Reichenau-Tamins. Photo: TES.

The Rhine from the confluence of the Anterior Rhine (Vorderrhein) and Posterior Rhine (Hinterrhein) rivers near Reichenau (Grisons/ Graubünden) to its confluence with Lake Constance is known as the Alpine Rhine or the longest river in Europe. As a result of the ever-increasing settlement of the Rhine valley, better flood protection was demanded in the … Read more » “International Regulation of the Rhine”