A multicultural Community

Graubünden/Surselva. Bild/Photo: TES.

Grisons/ Graubünden is a the canton of 150 valleys and of different cultures and languages. The spring fair Higa (21 to 29 March in Chur), is a multicultural residential community (Wohngemeinschaft) of these languages and cultures. It is the first joint public presentation of four organisations: the Romansh Association (la Lia Rumantscha, founded in 1919), … Read more » “A multicultural Community”

The Swiss Railway Company

Oberalppass, end of the track. Photo: TES.

Basel had the first Railway in Switzerland. Trains ran via Saint-Louis to Strasbourg in 1845 and to Paris in 1852. The “Spanisch-Bröstli-Bahn” between Baden and Zurich functions since 1847 . In 1850, the country had only 25 kilometers of railways and only three stations in Basel, Baden, and Zurich. Europe had more than 20 000 … Read more » “The Swiss Railway Company”

Max Kettel and Valais

Bild/Photo: Mediathek Wallis, Martigny.

Switzerland has always been a crossroads of political, economic and social developments, culture and trade from Roman times onwards. The exhibition La Suisse Magazine. Max Kettel. Les reportages de 1926 à 1960 in Martigny shows for the first time the production of the (forgotten) photographer Max Keller (1902-1961). More than 250 photographs and 120 magazines … Read more » “Max Kettel and Valais”