Swiss Made Culture in Crans-Montana

Maienfeld. Schloss Brandis,Graubünden/Les Grisons/Grigioni/Grischun

The Association Swiss Made Culture in Crans-Montana aims to highlight the country’s cultural, linguistic, economic and democratic richness. Switzerland is situated in the middle of Europe but is relatively unknown. Swiss citizens do not always speak the other languages of their country, or they do not know other cantons very well. Swiss Made Culture aims … Read more » “Swiss Made Culture in Crans-Montana”


The organisation launched a service platform, that gives the Swiss tourism industry the possibility to use the new media effectively. (Source and further information:  

Campione Exit

Campione, Casino municipale. Photo/Bild: Wikipedia.

Since 1 January 2020, a kind of Brexit has occurred at Lake Lugano. As of this date, the Italian town of Campione, an enclave in the canton of Tessin, is no longer part of the Swiss toll union, but of the Italian/EU toll union. Also, Swiss license plates, postal code (6911) and postal services have … Read more » “Campione Exit”