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La Sarine à Fribourg marque le Röstigraben. Photo: Wikipedia

The expression Röstigraben refers to the differences between French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland and Switzerland as a conglomerate of languages, cultures and mentalities. Are the wars between Burgundians (French/Gallo-Roman) and Franks and Germanic Alemannians and their expansion from the fifth century onwards at the origin of the linguistic and cultural border or rather the intensive Romanisation … Read more » “Röstigraben”

International Rhine Regulation and Rhesi in Widnau

The Rhine Waterfall near Schaffhausen. Photo: TES.

The Rhine from the confluence of the Anterior Rhine (Vorderrhein) and Posterior Rhine (Hinterrhein) rivers near Reichenau in Tamins  (Grisons) to its confluence with Lake Constance is known as the Alpine Rhine or the longest torrent in Europe. As a result of the ever-increasing settlement of the Rhine valley, better flood protection was demanded in the … Read more » “International Rhine Regulation and Rhesi in Widnau”

Genesis in Romansh Graubünden

Riom and Riom castle. Photo: Adrian Michael, Wikipedia.

The Swiss Heritage Society (Schweizer Heimatschutz), founded in 1905, is dedicated to the advancement of Switzerland’s architectural heritage. Its focus is on the preservation of distinctive landmarks, the development of the structural environment, and the promotion of architectural design. One of its activities is the awarding of the Wakker Prize (Wakker-Preis). The 2018 Prize goes … Read more » “Genesis in Romansh Graubünden”