Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Switzerland News

Swiss Railway

Oberalppass, end of the track. Photo: TES.

Basel had the first Railway in Switzerland. Trains ran via Saint-Louis to Strasbourg in 1845 and to Paris in 1852. The “Spanisch-Bröstli-Bahn” between Baden and Zurich opened in 1847 . In 1850, the country had only 25 kilometers of railways and just three stations in Basel, Baden, and Zurich. Europe had more than 20 000 … Read more » “Swiss Railway”

German-French Language Border

Freibourg/Fribourg, de taalgrensrivier Saane/Sarine. Foto: TES.

The development of the Franco-German language border can be traced back rather well. This history starts with Celtic tribes, who inhabited present-day Switzerland centuries before the arrival of the Romans. Little of this language has survived, apart from the tracing of names of persons, villages and fortresses (oppida). There was no written culture, but scholars … Read more » “German-French Language Border”

The First American Diplomatic Representative

Commemoration plaque in Basel. Photo: TES.

John Godfrey Boker (1794-1860) was the first American Consul-General in Switzerland. He assumed his post in Basel in 1830. The Swiss government had already sent honorary consuls to Washington  and New York in 1822.  The first American Ambassador presented his credentials in 1853 (seat in Bern). John Boker established his residence in the building known as … Read more » “The First American Diplomatic Representative”