The new library platform Swisscovery was launched on 7 December. The medium gives access to the collections of 475 libraries in Switzerland, from St. Gallen to Geneva and from Basel to Lugano. All science-related libraries have joined the network. The merger of 475 libraries is unique in the world. Research becomes much easier with “swisscovery”. … Read more » “Swisscovery”

Alpine Glacier Whisky

Whisky  is derived from the Celtic words “Uisge Beatha“, the water of life. Whisky is a drink of Irish and Scottish origin. The word ‘water of life’ is misleading. Whisky must contain at least 40% alcohol and be aged for at least three years in wooden casks not exceeding 700 litres. The other ingredient is … Read more » “Alpine Glacier Whisky”

Romansh and Lausanne

Rätoromanische Inschrift an einem Haus in Trun. Foto: Adrian Michael/Wikipedia

The Canton of Graubünden is to a large extent German-speaking. There are various Swiss-german dialects, (Schweizerdeutsch)  including Höchstalemannische, Walserdeutsche or Zürichdeutsche dialects. Italian is the official language in three areas in the south of Graubünden: Misox (Mesocco) on the border with Ticino in the Mesolcina and Calanca valleys, in Bergell (Bregaglia) and in Puschlav (Valposchiavo).  They are Lombard dialects. … Read more » “Romansh and Lausanne”