Association Regio Basiliensis

Bild/Foto: Regio Basiliensis,

The Association is the Swiss partner for the Upper Rhine cooperation and the competence centre to foster cross-border activities with France and Germany. It aims to provide incentives from the Swiss side designed to develop the Upper Rhine area into a cohesive European border region and to actively contribute to attaining this objective. Since it … Read more » “Association Regio Basiliensis”

Museum Engiadinais in Scuol

Scuol. Foto/Photo: TES.

One key feature of the Engadin culture (Kanton Graubünden) is the local language: Romansh. It is one of the oldest living European languages with Rhaetian, Latin, Aleman, Italian, French and German roots. The language was at risk of dying out around 100 years ago until several devotees resolved to ensure its survival in 1919.    … Read more » “Museum Engiadinais in Scuol”

Laser Lightning Rod

Der Säntis, MeteoSchweiz. Foto/Photo: TES.

As the national weather and climate service, MeteoSchweiz carries out weather and climate measurements at any time on the Swiss territory. The complex topography of the Alps represents a major challenge. The Säntis also has a station (SwissMetNet). Switzerland’s complex alpine topography presents a particular challenge. A new project on the Säntis is called Laser Lightning … Read more » “Laser Lightning Rod”