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The Swiss Esperanto Rumantsch Grischun

Scuol (Schuls), Unterengadin, Vallader Romansh. Photo/foto: TES.

Seventeen of the twenty-six Swiss cantons are German-speaking, four French-speaking (Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel, and Jura), one is Italian speaking (Ticino), three are bilingual French and German (Fribourg, Berne, and Valais) and one is trilingual Romansh, Italian and German (Grisons). Although Switzerland or its territory has been a multilingual country for a long time, many if … Read more » “The Swiss Esperanto Rumantsch Grischun”

Wintertourism Engadin

Mario Verieri, 150 Jahre Wintertourismus St. Moritz, 2015. Photo/foto: TES.

The most significant growth of tourism and bathing and Spatial Tourism in Switzerland and Engadin, in particular, took place between 1870 and 1914. With the rise of railways, the improvement of alpine passes (among others from Bivio to Silvaplana), new roads (for carriages, among others between Poschiavo and Pontresina), tunnels and the rise of health … Read more » “Wintertourism Engadin”

The French-Suisse Relationship

Fribourg, Freiburg, paix perpétuelle, 29.11.1516. Photo/foto: TES.

The relationship between France and Switzerland has many facets. An estimated 200 000 French people work in Switzerland nowadays, and the most significant Swiss contingent living abroad lives in France. France is the fourth export country for Switzerland, while Switzerland is in the economic top ten for France. Also, there are many cultural, scientific, social … Read more » “The French-Suisse Relationship”