Multicultural and Cosmopolitan Switzerland News

The Model of Biel

Biel, Bienne, Bienna. Photo/Foto: TES.

The country’s four national languages are one of Switzerland’s characteristic features. However, this multilingualism is mostly of a territorial nature. It is only in the border regions between the language areas that the different languages are used concurrently in everyday communication. The city of Biel/Bienne is distinguished by what could be termed “consensual bilingualism”. French … Read more » “The Model of Biel”

History of Switzerland Exhibition

22 Cantons/Kantone, unity in diversity/Einheit in der Vielfalt/L'unité dans la diversité 1935. Nationalmuseum Zurich. Photo/Foto: TES.

The National Museum in Zurich presents a new exhibition on the history of Switzerland. The show examines the development of a loose confederation of States of independent cantons to a federal state (Bundesstaat). The exhibition focuses on the development of 550 years, beginning in the late Middle Ages. The exhibition is an interactive journey through … Read more » “History of Switzerland Exhibition”

Fasnacht unmasked at Bummelsonntag

Basel, Bummelsonntag, 31.3.2019. Photo/foto: TES.

One of the splendid traditions of Basel is the Fasnacht and the three Sundays afterwards the Bummelsonntag (literally, walking around without purpose on Sunday). Hundreds of smaller or larger cliques or individuals walk through the city, with piccolo, drum or wind instruments, but without the costumes or disguise of the Fasnacht. On Sunday evening thousands … Read more » “Fasnacht unmasked at Bummelsonntag”