Local History

Scuol, source, Quelle, bron. Photo/ foto: TES.

Mineral Water Trail Scuol

The mineral water trail (Mineralwasserweg Scuol in German or senda d’aua minerala Scuol in Romansh) consists of hiking trails in the area of Scuol, Tarasp, Ftan and Sent in Lower Engadine (Unterengadin, canton Graubünden).

Information is provided in two languages (Romansh and German) about the name, type, the most important chemical components and substance of each source.

Over a distance of six kilometres, more than twenty sources originate at an altitude of 1 165 – 1 350 metres on both sides of the river Inn. From the second half of the nineteenth century (from around 1850 in Tarasp) these formed the basis for the health tourism in Lower Engadine.

The houses at the squares of towns and villages are located around sources, the centre of (social) life until the late twentieth century. The most important and best-known sources are Bonifacius, Carola, Emerita and Lucius, Fuschna, Chalzina, Sfondraz, Lischana, Sotsass, Clozza and Vi.

The mineral water path has a total of 23 springs. The walker can take a sip at each source and, guaranteed, no water tastes the same. (Source and further information: www.mineralquellen-scuol.ch).