Le Landeron, Photo/Foto: TES.

Le Landeron and its environment

Before Le Landeron was founded, there was another town, Nugerol, which the Count of Neuchâtel had founded as a defence against the territory of the nearby bishopric of Basel.

Nugerol was destroyed in the 12th century during a border dispute between the count and the bishop. In 1325, the count began to rebuild the destroyed city on a new site. He chose a Moorish island called Le Landeron.

The new town was a short distance from the Thielle and the lake and benefited from the river connections that were so important.

The 19th century marks the beginning of the modern era with the freedom of establishment, the change of political institutions with the creation of the canton of Neuchâtel (1848), the development of road and rail links, the first industries, the reclamation of the large marshes after the first correction of the waters of the Jura (1868-1891) and the development of vegetable growing, agriculture and viticulture.

The presence of picturesque architectural buildings from past centuries and its natural setting and environment give Le Landeron its unique charm.

(Source:, Les plus beaux villages de Suisse, www.borghisvizzera.ch).