La Collégiale et le château, 1830, encore avec une tour. Collection Galeries de l'historie, Neuchâtel. Photo/Foto: TES.

La Collégiale of Neuchâtel

La Collégiale of Neuchâtel is a medieval monument. The construction of the church started around 1190. A new construction phase included the monastery, the extension of the nave and the west portal and the St Michael’s Chapel. The inauguration of the church took place in 1276. The southern tower was built around 1300, the second only in the 19th century. Until the beginning of the 13th century, the architecture followed the Romanesque tradition of the Upper Rhine. Then came the Gothic style similar to that of Burgundy and French-speaking Switzerland. The cathedral of Lausanne seems to have inspired the builders. The chevet of the church offers a remarkable sculpted ensemble from the last decade of the 12th century, especially the southern part and the consoles with anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figures. These sculptures are linked to an art movement from Alsace and German-speaking Switzerland. The collegiate church (and castle) still dominates the view of the city. (Source: