Basel, Klingental 11. Photo/Bild: TES.

Klingental 11 in Kleinbasel

The Rappaz Museum is housed in one of Kleinbasel’s oldest buildings, on the right bank of the Rhine. Grossbasel lies on the other side of the Rhine.

The museum houses the studio of Rolf Rappaz (1914-1996) and the exhibition dedicated to him.

The house was part of the Klingental monastery, which was founded in 1274.

The house was the convent’s weaving mill. The monastery was dissolved in 1557 and became an accommodation for soldiers of the nearby barracks. The house became later the property of the city of Basel.

Rolf Rappaz opened his studio in this house in the middle of the twentieth century, and his studio would leave its mark on graphic art in Switzerland and far beyond for decades.

The house was completely renovated, and in 2008 the museum opened its doors. (Source and further information: