Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), statue in Zurich. Photo: TES.

Key moments in Swiss history

Important political and historical events  and turning points in Swiss history will be highlighted and discussed in public events in renowned Swiss museums from 12 to 16 September. Why was Switzerland spared in the Second World War? Why did Swiss women not have the (federal) right to vote until 1971 ? The founding history of Switzerland, the Peace of Westphalia, the constitution of 1848, the Reformation and the First World War and Switzerland are among the other themes. The museums also offer an individual daily programme. The week of action at a glance: 11 September: Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen (Second World War, why did Germany not invade Switzerland), 12 September: Historisches Museum Basel (the Westphalian Peace of 1648), 13 September: Bernisches Historisches Museum Bern (the Reformation), 14 September: Landesmuseum Zürich (Women in Swiss History), 15 September: Museums in Schwyz (Founding History Switzerland) and on 16 September the First World War and the national strike of 1918. Organisation: NZZ Geschichte (further information: