Local History

Kaiserstuhl. Photo/Foto: TES.


The mighty tower of Kaiserstuhl is not only the striking landmark but also the beginning of the history of the city. The Freiherren of Regensberg built the tower and the city wall at the Rhine crossing around 1260 and thus gained control over an important trade route between southern Germany (and beyond) and the Swiss Mittelland (and beyond).

In 1294 the town became the property of the Bishop of Constance. The bishop’s bailiffs stayed on the right bank of the Rhine in the Rötteln Castle, which still stands today. The bridge was the lifeline and connection, and the Rhine was not a border.

This situation changed in 1803. Kaiserstuhl went in that year to the new canton of Aargau, and the Rhine became (and still is) the national border. Between 1939 and 1948 this border was even closed.

Today, however, the image is characterised by joint projects, free movement and cooperation. Kaiserstuhl remained unchanged for centuries and is still a beautiful medieval city. (Source and further information: www.kaiserstuhl.ch).