Schwyz, Haus Bethlehem/Ital Reding Hofstatt. Photo/Foto: TES.

Ital Reding Hofstatt and Bethlehem

The monumental building Ital Reding Hofstatt in Schwyz was built in 1636 by Ital Reding (1573-1651). The Reding family had been a prominent family in Schwyz for centuries. Ital and subsequent generations were local politicians and entrepreneurs in the famous or infamous Swiss mercenary industry.

The heyday of the Swiss mercenaries lasted from the sixteenth to the beginning of the eighteenth century. The Swiss Guard in the Vatican is the last remnant. The European monarchs were particularly impressed by the innovative and mental powers of Swiss soldiers and their victories against the Duke of Burgundy (1476-1477) and the Habsburg monarchs (period 1315-1499).

Schwyz was a purveyor to the king of France in particular. The approximately 35 large mansions in Schwyz date from this period. However, the Ital Reding Hofstatt stands in the context of medieval Schwyz and in the vicinity is also the special House of Bethlehem from 1287.

This historic building and its beautiful interior are still in good condition. The interior was adapted in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the Renaissance and then Baroque style, including a ballroom with beautiful frescoes.

Both buildings are now managed by a foundation and are open to the public (Further information: