Brigels, September 2018, Alpabzug. Photo: TES.

Inventory of Swiss Traditions

The Swiss government has created six brochures presenting 167 living traditions of Switzerland in form of a map. The maps are illustrated.presenting 167 living traditions of Switzerland in form of a map. The overview covers all 26 (semi) cantons and various practices and themes, from clothing, music, Basel carnival, Swiss graphic design, Hornussen to the Vevey grape harvest festival . All traditions that appear in the Inventory share the following three features: they are still practiced in Switzerland, they are an integral part of our cultural diversity and identity, they change and evolve. It is precisely these three aspects that enable living traditions (or intangible cultural heritage, as they are also known) to connect one generation to next generations and to foster exchange. Take, for example, the Zibelimärit, the traditional onion market in Bern. Every year, young and old, city and country dwellers, locals and visitors come together to enjoy this festive event. Living traditions are an intangible cultural heritage. To stress the importance it gives to these traditions, Switzerland acceded to the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage  (Further information: