St. Gingolph, Maison de Rivaz, à gauche, Photo/Foto: TES.

The House of Rivaz St. Gingolph

Charles-Joseph de Rivaz (1713-1759), an aristocrat from Valais, built this house (Maison de Rivaz) in 1754 next to the castle, which had been built in 1588.

Charles acquired (shared) ownership of the castle in 1749.  His son, Charles-Emmanuel (1753-1830) bought the castle in full ownership in 1826. The house and the castle were surrounded by a garden without the present-day buildings.

The municipality of St. Gingolph took over the complex in 1837. Today, the complex houses the town hall and museum of the traditions and barques of Lake Geneva (Musée des Traditions et des Barques du Léman).

Patrick Elsig ( La construction de la Maison de Rivaz,à Saint-Gingolph (1751-1754), describes in detail the construction of Maison de Rivaz.