Local History

Hotel Weissenstein und der Juragarten, Winter 2022. Foto/Photo: TES.

Hotel Weissenstein and the Jura Garden

The health resort (Kurhaus) at the top of Mount Weissenstein (1284 metres) was built in 1827/1828 on the initiative of the physician Johann Baptist Carl Kottmann (1776-1851).

Mount Weissenstein (Canton Solothurn ) also became popular with hikers, mountaineering enthusiasts and nature lovers. The nearby mountain Hasenmatt (1445 meters) is the highest top in the canton. The Weissenstein offers a beautiful view of the Alps, the valley, the river Aare and the city of Solothurn.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Kurhaus faced increasing competition. Due to the lift from Oberdorf to Weissenstein, the Kurhaus-Hotel experienced a revival. At the end of 1984, the complex was renovated. The lift was replaced by a gondola lift in 2014.

A new renovation of the building and construction took place in 2018 and 2019, and on 1 August 2019, Hotel Weissenstein reopened.

Below the terrace of Hotel Weissenstein is a garden (Juragarten) with typical plants from the Jura. Specific plants of the Jura and its forests, meadows, rocks, streams, rivers and fens can be seen there.

The best flowering period is in June and July. Information boards provide information about the many plants and the characteristic landscapes of the Jura.

(Source and further information: www.juragarten-weissenstein.ch; www.hotelweissenstein.ch).