Hotel des Trois Rois, Basel. Photo, Foto: TES.

Hotel les Trois Rois

The hotel des Trois Rois in Basel has a history dating back to the first inn in the 11th century when the Münster was built. The episcopal city was for a long time part of the Burgundian Kingdom and from 1032 the Holy Roman Empire.

Not much is known about this first inn, not even whether its location corresponds precisely to the current position of the hotel. The hotel was first mentioned in documents in 1681: Gasthof zu den Drei Königen (Inn of the Three Kings).

The three kings on the vestibule, however, were not installed until the 18th century. During this period, the inn increasingly took on the appearance and function of a hotel. Famous visitors, such as Napoleon, members of the Austrian imperial family and, for example, Goethe, spent the night there.

The French Revolution and occupation did not go unnoticed by the hotel either, and the French name Gasthaus Aux Trois Magots originates from these days. After all, kings were not done in these revolutionary days until Napoleon himself became emperor and his family members kings.

In 1844, the hotel was given the size and facade it still has today, including the balcony with arcades on the Rhine side. Kings, aristocracy and celebrities from politics, art and science have been guests ever since.

The iconic photograph of Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) was taken from the balcony of this hotel in 1901 at the fifth Zionist Congress. The name also changed to Hotel Drei Könige am Rhein. The formal name is now again Hotel des Trois Rois.