Guarda. Photo/foto: TES.

Guarda and Engadine Houses

On the old medieval trade route between Lake Como and Innsbruck lies the village of Guarda (Unterengadin) and its seventy Engadine houses.

The village is known since 1160 when it was handed over to the bishop of Chur by the lords of Tarasp.

The village then went through the events of the Schwabenkrieg (or Engadinerkrieg 1499), the transition to the Protestant faith (1529) and the Bündner Wirren (1622).

The rebuilding after the total devastation in 1499 and 1622 makes Guarda an open-air museum of Engadine houses.

The village gained international fame through the book Schellen-Ursli (1945) by the writer Selina Chönz (1910-2000). (Source: