Grandson. Photo/Foto: TES.

Grandson Castle

The first mention of Grandson Castle and Lordship dates back to the year 1100. Until the thirteenth century, little more is known than that a Benedictine monastery was founded in 1146.

The Romanesque monastery can still be seen. Othon I of Grandson (1238-1328) has considerably expanded the fortress and the power of the lordship.

The castle was then managed for a period (1389-1420) by the House of Savoy and from 1420 by the House of Chalon, an ally of Charles the Bold. The castle was for this reason the stake of the battle between Charles and the Swiss troops.

The Swiss defeated the Burgundian troops in 1476 at the Battle of Grandson. From then on, Bern and Fribourg shared the management of Grandson and the castle was the residence of their bailiffs until 1798.

The castle then became the property of the canton of Vaud in 1803 and of a number of private owners soon afterwards.

Today, a foundation is responsible for the maintenance of the castle, which also houses the Grandson Museum. (Source and further information: