Local History

neuchâtel, l'Hôtel des postes. Photo/Foto: TES.

The Hôtel des Postes

The Hôtel des Postes was designed by three architects from Neuchâtel: Jean Béguin, Ernest Prince and Alfred Rychner.

The Hôtel des Postes, located near the port of Neuchâtel, was built in three years and inaugurated on 1 April 1896.

The building formerly housed the World Union of Postal Companies, which was founded by the former Federal Councillor the Neuchâtelois Eugène Borel (1835-1892).

Under the cornice are engraved the names of 31 countries and 22 Swiss cantons. This is also a unique document because of vanished countries and empires, new countries and new old countries, like for example Serbia.

Today, the building houses the town’s post office and tourist office.