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Karl Jauslin (1842-1904), César et Divico, le chef helvètique après la bataille en 58 av J.-C. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Helvetians and Romanisation

He did this to have a buffer against the Germanic tribes. It is probably because of these tribes that the Helvets wanted to settle in Gaul. It was their bad luck (or luck afterwards) that Caeser had other plans.

To strengthen the Roman position Caesar founded two cities on the territory of the Helvets just before his death: today’s Nyon and Augst.

The Roman army occupied the territory of the Helvets (and Switzerland) in 13-15 BC. The Romanisation could begin. (Source: G. Kaenel, P. Crotti, Celtes et Romaines and pays de Vaud, Lausanne 1992).