Le  Parc de  l’indépendance, Morges. Photo/Bild: TES.

Independence Park Morges

The Independence Park (Parc de l’Indépendance) in Morges (canton of Vaud) owes its name to the independence obtained by Vaud (Le Pays de Vaud) on 24 January 1798, after the long domination of Bern (since 1536).

At the Place de la Palud in Lausanne, citizens proclaimed the République lémanique on this date. This republic disappeared a few weeks later following the intervention by Napoleon, who founded the Helvetic Republic (1798-1803).

In 1872 a first horticultural exhibition was held in the park and in 1885 the park was set up as an English garden. In 1898 the park officially became the Parc de l’ Indépendance. Since 1971 the park organizes an annual exhibition under the title Festival des Tulipes (Tulip Festival).

Some monuments recall the history of Vaud’s independence and also the memory of the Dutch count Hendrick Jan van Oyen (1771-1850),  who was a general in Napoleon’s army and became a Swiss citizen in 1825.