Period IV

Basel, Bummelsonntag, 31.3.2019. Photo/foto: TES.

Fasnacht unmasked at Bummelsonntag

One of the splendid traditions of Basel is the Fasnacht and the three Sundays afterwards the Bummelsonntag (literally, walking around without purpose on Sunday). Hundreds of smaller or larger cliques or individuals walk through the city, with piccolo, drum or wind instruments, but without the costumes or disguise of the Fasnacht. On Sunday evening thousands of musicians parade through Klein- and Grossbasel. The alleys, main streets, and squares are the stage. The relaxed and quiet atmosphere among the tens of thousands of spectators impresses. The (public) transport also closes at the back of the queue, without impatience or excited road users. The Fasnacht and the Bummelsonntag are an indicator of the civilisation of the country and its inhabitants.