Basel, Fasnacht 2019, Cortège. Foto/ Photo: TES.

Fasnacht Unesco World Heritage

Basel Fasnacht is the largest of its kind in Switzerland and unique in Europe as well. The Fasnacht beginns on Monday 04.00, the Morgestraich, following Ash Wednesday and lasts exactly 72 hours, until Thursday morning 04.00. Two parades, cortèges, take place on the Monday and Wednesday. Around 11 000 costumed participants march with their piccolo’s, drum, sujets, floats and carriages. Tuesday is dedicated to children, with concerts and open air exhibitions of the sujets in the evening. The Fasnacht can be compared to a huge satirical magazine where all visual or rhetorical means, sujets, are used to make fun of flaws and blunders of public figres. they are also presented by so-called Schnitzelbänkler in pubs, theaters and restaurants throughout the city. The bearers and practitioners form associations, cliques. (Source and Further Information: