Arlesheim, Ermitage. Photo/Foto: TES.

English Garden Arlesheim

Arlesheim was the seat of the chapter of the Prince-Bishopric Basel.

The chapter was expelled from Basel in the Reformation (1525-1529). The Dom (1678) and chapter houses are silent witnesses of this history.

The Prince-Bishopric was part of the Holy Roman Empire until the dissolution of the bishopric in 1792-1798. The city of Basel was a member of the Eidgenossenschaft and did not belong to the Reich after 1648 anymore.

The Ermitage was created in 1785 by the chaplain Heinrich von Ligertz and Balbina von Andlau-von Staal (1736-1798).

It is the largest English garden on Swiss soil and was a solitude romantique près d’Arlesheim.

The ruins of Birseck castle, the Felsentor, the old and the new mill, the tobacco press and the three ponds are important features of the garden.

French troops occupied the Prince-Bishopric and Arlesheim in 1793 and destroyed the castle.

The ruins give the real English Garden touch nowadays.

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