Emma Kunz, Werk Nr. 409. Photo/Foto:TES.

Emma Kunz

Emma Kunz (1892-1951) was known as an artist, naturopath and researcher. She lived from 1951 until 1963 in Waldstatt (canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden). For her, her pictures and illustrations were not art but linked to her work as a naturopath.

The contents of her designs and illustrations were a guide in her profession. She explored the surface of the graph paper with the pendulum, set points and lines of gravity. In her words: “Concepts and numbers are primarily the knowledge based on nature and one’s abilities”.

Visible evidence of this search for regularities is the large-format pendulum pictures made with coloured and oil pastels.

(Quelle: Zentrum Emma Kunz, Würenlos).