Disentis Abbey Chapel. Photo: TES.

Disentis Abbey 1 300 Years

The exhibition at the Disentis Abbey (seventh century) shows life within the confines of a monastery and the history of this strategically famous Abbey in particular, due to the near Lukmanier Pass and the Upper Rhine Valley (Vorderrheintal). The Abbey will soon celebrate its 13th century of existence, and this exhibition puts the history on display. Remaining fragments of 8th century decorated stucco, ancient altars implements, statues and vestments from around 1 200 can be seen. The Abbey was renovated in the seventeenth century in the baroque style, after a turbulent and occasionally violent past of plunder and destruction, although the Abbey was also a power. The Abbey was one of the prominent members of the Obere or Graue Bund. The museum of the Abbey also houses a natural history collection and specific items related to Rhaetian culture.