Kloster Sursee. Foto/Photo: TES.

St. George and Buildings Sursee

One building was erected in 1497 as a two-storey ossuary. On the upper floor, called the St. Martin’s Chapel, there is a decorated ceiling from 1497 by the Basel carpenter Ulrich Bruder (?-1519) and a Baroque altar by Hans Wilhelm Tüfel (1631-1695) from Sursee.

The cellar, which used to be a storage place for bones, has a triptych from the end of the 15th century. From 1423-1807, the Einsiedlerhof was the Abt of Einsiedeln’s residence (today’s Schwyz canton). After 1807 it was used as a private residence, and since 1988 it has been owned by the parish.

The Sankturbanhof (Court of Sankturban/Saint Urban) was the official court of the Cistercian abbey of St. Urban (today’s canton of Jura). It was built around 1256. In 1595-1598 the main building was rebuilt with a Renaissance banquet hall. Today the court is a museum and cultural centre. The baroque church dates from the 17th century and is dedicated to St. George.

(Quelle: www.pfarrei-sursee.ch).