St. Blasius Kapelle Burgrain, Alberswil. Foto/Photo: TES.

St. Blasius Chapel Burgrain

The chapel dedicated to St. Blasius (Alberswil, canton of Lucerne) was the first place of worship on the Burgrain.

The chapel was built in the 13th century. The patronage of the chapel belonged to the monastery of Disentis (now Canton Graubünden) until 1330. It passed to the Cistercian monastery of St. Urban (now in the canton of Jura) in 1384.

The present chapel dates from 1682. However, many interior furnishings date back to the original construction (13th century). When the monastery of St. Urban was dissolved in 1848, the chapel was transferred to the Canton of Lucerne.

For centuries the chapel was a popular place of pilgrimage. As a helper against throat diseases, it was one of the popular saints.

(Source: St. Blasius Chapel Burgrain)