Urnäsch. Foto/Photo: TES

Urnäsch, the largest municipality of AR

Urnäsch (Canton Appenzeller Innerrhoden) is a street village on the left bank of the Urnäsch and, in terms of area, the largest municipality in the canton.

The name ‘Urnasca’ appears as early as the 9th century. Under the rule of St. Gallen Abbey, the village first formed a district with Herisau.

In the 14th century, it was a rhode of the district of Hundwil. In 1377 it joined the Swabian League of Towns and in 1401, the League with the town of St. Gallen. Political independence was achieved in 1417. In 1525 the village converted to the Reformed religion. Since the land division in 1597, Urnäsch has belonged to Appenzeller Innerrhoden as one of the seven Rhodes.

(Source: www.urnaesch.ch).