Glurns, Laubengasse,. Photo/Foto:TES.

The Laubengasse of Glurns

The first mention of the village of Glurns (Glorenza) in the county of Tyrol dates back to 1163. Glurns was given the status of a town during the period of Count Meinhard II (1239-1295).

Glurns also got a market as competition for the market of Müstair. The Laubengasse also dates from this period. The city flourished because of the trade to and from Lombardy and southern Germany.

The Augsburg Fugger Dynasty built the Fugger House and Glurns was the regional centre of commerce.

Emperor Maximilian (1459-1519) built the city wall built as protection against the Eidgenossen. (Source and further information: